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At Horns Reborn We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.

Currently in stock are clarinets of almost every type imaginable

-Eb soprano  to contra Alto,
-Metal, rubber, metal lined rubber, ABS, ebonite, and of course grenadilla and rosewood
-Vintage models from the 20's  up to the current day offerrings
-Humble student instruments to world class professional ones.

And clarinet accessories as well!

-Hundreds of vintage mouthpieces
-Barrels from Accubore, Buffet, Bakun etc.
-Reeds from Glotin, Gonzalez, Vandoren , Olivieri and others
-Introducing the best reeds I have ever played... PL Class reeds from Vienna
-Ligatures from Winslow, Bonade, Rovner, Vandoren and others
-Cases from Buffet and BAM
-Specialty repair products such as pads, lubricants adhesives, cork etc.

And we don't only handle clarinets of course, we also have currently in stock
Baroque flute and pic
Several saxes (bari, alto and tenor only at present)
A french horn,  and one tired euphonium
We even have a couple of bassoons and an English horn!

Coming soon, a complete line of supplies such as swabs, cork grease, bore oil etc.

But the one offering we are most proud of and eager to share is our level of customer service, especially in high value, high reliability repairs and refurbished vintage instruments.

One example of this is our policy of providing loaner instruments for most repairs.  We understand the need to play daily and will do whatever we possibly can to ensure you can...and do so on a properly serviced  instrument that works with you!

Our most popular products will soon be  shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

Classic R13 set
Classic R13 set
Wonderful classic set of professional Buffet clarinets.
Conn 424N
Conn 424N
Currently being restored, this clarinet is in as new condition in terms of wear! Note the untouched crisp tone hole edges. Everything about this clarinet is impressive from the wood condition to the solid positive feel of the key-work and the powerful woody tone.
We have 8 Conn clarinets in stock including 280, a few 424Ns and 444Ns a very rare 282N, even intermediate wooden director and a vintage hard rubber set (A and Bb)
Endorsed by the likes of Artie Shaw and Johnny Mince Conn clarinets are a must try for any Jazz affifiaonado.
Coming soon Johnny Mince Selmer BT
Coming soon Johnny Mince Selmer BT
Mince played with Joe Haymes from 1929 to 1934, and recorded with Red Norvo and Glenn Miller in 1935. He then worked with Ray Noble in 1935-37 and Bob Crosby in 1936 before joining Tommy Dorsey in 1937. Mince played with Dorsey through 1941 and was one of the participants in his Clambake Seven recordings.
Don't miss this rare opportunity to own an extraordinary example of a fine Selmer horn!
Vintage Selmer fan?
Vintage Selmer fan?
N series from from 1947, or another from 1951. Or maybe a Balanced Tone owned by Johnny Mince? or how about the Centered Tone, three to choose from including one full Boehm, or there are always the series 9 and series 10...or have yoiu tried a Radio Improved Selmer?
Where in the world could you find such a selection of fine aged wood pro horns? Nowhere but Horns Reborn!
How do you like your current mouthpiece?
How do you like your current mouthpiece?
This photo shows just some of the vintage mouthpieces currently in stock. There is little doubt that there is something in that selection to suit your genre and style or styles of play. Personally I have three. One for chamber work, one for Jazz / outdoor concerts and an orchestral all 'rounder in the middle. If you are in the GTA area drop by and spend some time trying them out. If out of the area ask about our trial policy for high end pieces.
Can you identify this clarinet?
Can you identify this clarinet?
Hints:... narrow bore French, thin walled, ringless, and sold for about 8000 ten years ago.
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